Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild’s Mysterious Return to the Upper East Side

Rumors have been circulating about the enigmatic Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild and her surprising return to the Upper East Side. After the untimely death of her husband, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, Lady Lynn has allegedly been “run out of London” and is now heading back to the United States, carrying with her hundreds of millions of Rothschild pounds. While Lady Lynn’s return may be celebrated by some, the circumstances surrounding her departure from London have left many in the social set with mixed feelings.

Lady Lynn’s marriage to Sir Evelyn in 2000 garnered attention due to their age difference, with her being 30 years his junior. However, this peculiar union seemed to be cemented by the fact that Sir Evelyn chose to leave his considerable fortune to Lady Lynn, rather than his own children. This decision not only raised eyebrows but created tension within the Rothschild family dynamics. To exacerbate matters, Lady Lynn’s handling of Sir Evelyn’s funeral further alienated his children.

Insiders report that Lady Lynn took complete control of the funeral proceedings, not allowing any of Sir Evelyn’s children to speak, which particularly upset his daughter Jessica. Furthermore, instead of choosing Sir Evelyn’s cousin and best friend, Lord Jacob Rothschild, to deliver the eulogy, Lady Lynn opted for former President Bill Clinton, a relatively distant acquaintance. This decision left some family members feeling excluded and questioned the sincerity of Lady Lynn’s intentions.

Lady Lynn’s actions during the funeral and her apparent disregard for the wishes of the Rothschild family have apparently caused her to be “run out of town.” According to multiple uptown sources, Lady Lynn has burnt bridges with the London social set, leaving her with a certain shortage of sympathy. The once-welcoming London social scene now harbors a strong distaste for Lady Lynn, making her return to the Upper East Side her only viable option.

Beyond the controversy surrounding her departure from London, Lady Lynn’s inheritance includes more than just vast amounts of wealth. Sir Evelyn also bequeathed her the family estate, Ascott, in Bedfordshire, further solidifying her status within the Rothschild dynasty. Lady Lynn, who already had a previous fortune from her own successful career in wireless communications, now finds herself in possession of incredible wealth and a distinguished estate.

Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild’s mysterious return to the Upper East Side is shrouded in controversy. Her management of Sir Evelyn’s funeral has strained her relationship with his children, causing her to be driven away from the London social scene. However, despite the criticisms and disapproval, Lady Lynn’s significant inheritance and wealth serve as a testament to her newfound stature within the Rothschild family.


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