The Controversial Keith McNally and the Turmoil at Pastis

Keith McNally, the renowned restaurateur, may boast about the success of his restaurant Balthazar, but insiders at his other establishment, Pastis, tell a different story. While McNally claims to be a consultant for the relaunched eatery in New York City’s Meatpacking District, sources close to the situation reveal that he is not an owner. This revelation extends to Pastis’ Miami location as well. In reality, McNally is primarily responsible for the restaurant’s design aspect through a consulting agreement. It appears that McNally’s involvement in Pastis is much less significant than he portrays.

At the heart of the controversy surrounding McNally lies his insensitive remarks. The owner of other successful restaurants like Upland and Le Coucou, Stephen Starr, distances himself from McNally due to these inflammatory remarks. McNally had posted a comment about the Hamas attacks on Israel that sparked widespread outrage. In an attempt to rectify the situation, he issued an apology stating that he does not support Hamas, describing them as a terrorist organization. However, his subsequent reposting of his original message and complaints about the impact of online hate messages only fuel the fire further.

Stephen Starr publicly denounced McNally’s opinions and emphasized that neither Starr Restaurants nor Pastis shared the same viewpoint. Starr made it clear that he considers the acts against Israelis and the Jewish people to be acts of pure evil and terrorism. He declared his unwavering support for Israel and the Jewish community, distancing himself entirely from McNally’s controversial statements. It is clear that Starr wants no association with McNally’s opinions or the negative publicity surrounding them.

With the revelations about McNally’s limited involvement in Pastis, many wonder about the impact on the restaurant’s reputation. While one source claims that McNally is still involved in the establishment, the conflicting reports and Starr’s distancing make it difficult to assess the true state of affairs. McNally insists that he is designing and building further locations, but it remains to be seen how these assertions will affect the perception of Pastis and its future expansions.

The Fallout for Keith McNally

Amidst this controversy, it is important to acknowledge the consequences that Keith McNally faces. The loss of business due to online hate messages and negative publicity is undeniable. McNally’s reputation has taken a considerable hit, as his remarks have drawn strong criticism from both the public and industry professionals. It is unclear how McNally intends to rebuild his reputation and regain the trust of his patrons. Only time will tell whether McNally can overcome this significant setback.

Keith McNally finds himself embroiled in a controversy that casts a shadow over his involvement with Pastis. The revelation that he is merely a consultant rather than an owner raises questions about his true influence. The distanced response from Stephen Starr intensifies the scrutiny surrounding McNally’s remarks. The impact on Pastis and McNally’s reputation remains uncertain. As McNally faces the fallout of his controversial statements, he must navigate the challenging task of rebuilding his image and restoring trust.


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