A Tribute to Jimmy Breslin: A Legendary Tabloid Columnist

The New York tabloid world is abuzz with news about the late Jimmy Breslin. His larger-than-life persona and exceptional career continue to captivate even after his passing in 2017. With three exciting projects on the horizon, Breslin’s legacy is set to be immortalized for future generations to admire.

One of these projects includes the publication of a collection of Breslin’s selected columns and book excerpts by the Library of America. Meticulously edited by Dan Barry, this compilation promises to showcase the depth and breadth of Breslin’s unparalleled storytelling. Readers can expect to be transported to the gritty streets of New York City, where Breslin’s words captured the essence of its residents.

A Definitive Biography

Richard Esposito, a former Post journalist, eagerly anticipates the release of his definitive biography, “The Man Who Told The Truth.” Having interviewed notable figures such as Breslin’s first editor, Tom Wolfe, and fellow esteemed journalists Pete Hamill and Steve Dunleavy, Esposito leaves no stone unturned in his quest to paint an intimate portrait of this legendary columnist. The cooperation of Breslin’s family and the man himself ensures that readers will gain unique insights into his life.

Alongside Esposito’s biography, another book about Jimmy Breslin is said to be in the works. This forthcoming publication, by Simon and Schuster, promises to explore the depth of the writer’s talent and impact on American journalism. Although its release is scheduled further down the road, fans of Breslin can eagerly anticipate another chance to delve into the world of this iconic wordsmith.

For Esposito, the opportunity to write about Jimmy Breslin is a true honor. Having worked closely with him during his time as city editor at Newsday, Esposito recognizes the profound influence Breslin had on modern journalism. He marvels at the fact that Breslin never ceased to report and write poetry, showcasing his enduring passion for storytelling and truth-seeking.

When asked about his motivation for writing the biography, Esposito highlights Breslin’s pivotal role in shaping New Journalism. He believes that any serious student of journalism needs to study Breslin’s illustrious career, which spanned over five decades. From his groundbreaking coverage of the Son of Sam murders to his legendary interview with the man who dug JFK’s grave, Breslin’s work encapsulates the very essence of impactful reporting.

As these projects come to fruition, we are reminded of the profound impact Jimmy Breslin had on American journalism. His fearless pursuit of truth, his unwavering dedication to the craft, and his unique storytelling ability continue to inspire and influence generations of writers. Through these upcoming publications, Breslin’s legacy will be preserved, allowing future readers to immerse themselves in the world of a true tabloid legend.


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