Feud Erupts in New York City’s Elite Indian Scene as Priyanka Chopra Exits Sona

The Indian food scene in New York City took an unexpected turn when Priyanka Chopra, the renowned Bollywood actress and Hollywood star, left her upscale Flat Iron District restaurant, Sona. Chopra, along with her friend Maneesh Goyal, had successfully transformed Sona into a trendy hotspot for the city’s elite Indian community. However, after just two years, Chopra made a surprise exit, leaving foodie insiders shocked.

Although both parties publicly expressed mutual respect and gratitude towards each other, rumors continue to circulate that Chopra’s departure may not have been as amicable as portrayed. The exact reasons behind her sudden exit remain unclear. Nevertheless, Chopra’s representative assured the public that she would always be a part of the Sona family and emphasized her commitment to promoting Indian culture through various mediums.

Adding fuel to the fire, the upcoming Diwali celebrations have deepened the rift among the city’s elite Indian crowd. In previous years, Chopra’s BFF Anjula Acharia and Maneesh Goyal co-hosted a joint Diwali bash at the Pierre Hotel. However, this year seems to be different. Sources reveal that Acharia will once again hold her event at the Pierre Hotel, while Goyal plans to host a separate celebration at the Mandarin Oriental. The division has led to a clear picking of sides within the South Asian chic set, with individuals forced to choose between the two events.

Goyal responded to the situation by highlighting the vibrancy and size of the South Asian community. He expressed his enthusiasm for both events and the upcoming Diwali season, suggesting that the community has the capacity to support multiple gatherings. Goyal’s positive outlook on the situation indicates that the divide may not be as significant as it initially appears.

Despite the information available, it is difficult to discern the complete truth of the situation. Speculations surrounding Chopra’s departure and the subsequent division within the Indian community in New York City continue to swirl. The absence of a response from Chopra’s representative only intensifies the mystery.

The unexpected exit of Priyanka Chopra from her popular restaurant, Sona, and the ensuing division within New York City’s elite Indian scene have created a whirlwind of speculation and unanswered questions. Only time will reveal the true nature of the situation and whether the South Asian community can bridge the divide and continue to thrive.


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