The Evolution of Angie Mar’s New Restaurant: Le B

Celebrity chef Angie Mar is back with a new venture, and this time, she is putting a unique twist on the way diners are seated. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Rao’s, Mar’s new restaurant, Le B, will feature tables “owned” by regulars. However, instead of catering to the traditional red sauce joint clientele, Le B will attract a mostly creative crowd. Renowned fashion designer Christian Siriano, Oscar De La Renta creative directors Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia, screenwriter Tom Fontana, and some hedge fund players have already claimed their designated tables for specific nights of the week.

To celebrate the launch of Le B, Mar threw an exclusive opening party that drew a crowd of notable individuals. Among the esteemed guests were Christian Siriano, Gigi Burris, Peter Som, Jay McInerney, Timo Weiland, Lauren Remington Platt, Gillian Miniter, Sharon Coplan Hurowitz, Elyse Newhouse, and Jennifer Creel. It was a star-studded affair that showcased the growing buzz around Angie Mar’s latest culinary endeavor.

Le B occupies the same space in the West Village where Mar’s former fine dining establishment, Les Trois Chevaux, once stood. However, Les Trois Chevaux is now set to move to the Upper East Side next year. Despite the change in location, Le B features a range of updated interior touches that reflect Angie Mar’s evolving style and culinary vision.

The Beatrice Inn, which eventually became the foundation for Le B, has had a rich history. Originating as a speakeasy, it experienced a renaissance in the early 2000s under the leadership of Paul Sevigny, establishing itself as the epitome of New York City’s vibrant nightlife scene. Over the years, the restaurant changed hands, reaching the notable Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter before ultimately falling into the capable hands of Angie Mar.

As Angie Mar embarks on this new culinary experiment with Le B, there is no doubt that her unique approach to seating, star-studded opening parties, innovative interior design, and connection to the iconic Beatrice Inn will set this restaurant apart from the rest. With a creative crowd ready to claim their designated tables, Le B is poised to become the go-to destination for a truly unforgettable dining experience.


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