Russell Brand’s Wife Laura: The Woman Behind the Controversial Comedian

When it comes to comedian and author Russell Brand, it is his controversial opinions and philosophical thoughts that often take center stage. However, behind this outspoken and eccentric Brit is his wife of seven years, Laura Brand. In this article, we will delve into the life and background of Laura, and discover the woman who plays a significant role in Russell’s life.

Laura Brand, formerly known as Laura Gallacher, comes from an accomplished sporting family. Her father, Bernard Gallacher, is a renowned golfer, and her sister, Kirsty Gallacher, is a respected sports commentator. Laura herself had a career in the restaurant industry before branching out on her own.

Following her time in the restaurant industry, Laura made a name for herself as an entrepreneur. She created the online shop called The Joy Journal, a brand that specializes in selling unique jeans. This venture showcases Laura’s creative side and entrepreneurial spirit.

Russell and Laura’s love story is one that spans many years. They began dating on and off in 2007, and after a brief separation, they got back together in 2015. Russell finally proposed to Laura in July 2016, marking a significant milestone in their relationship. It is worth noting that Russell had previously been married to Katy Perry, but their union ended after just 14 months.

The couple exchanged vows in August 2017 during an Indian-themed wedding reception near their home in Henley-on-Thames, Oxford. This celebration showcased their love for each other as well as their appreciation for different cultures. It was a joyous occasion that marked the beginning of their married life together.

Russell and Laura share the joys of parenthood, as they are proud parents to two beautiful children. Their firstborn, a daughter named Mabel, was welcomed into the world in November 2016. Two years later, in July 2018, the couple announced the surprise pregnancy of their second child, Peggy, who arrived just a month after the announcement. The addition of these two children has undoubtedly brought new levels of happiness and fulfillment to their lives.

In interviews, Russell has expressed his deep love and connection with his children. He has described the joy he feels when his daughter grabs his face and playfully punches him. Russell embraces the lack of control that comes with being a father, cherishing every moment with his children and finding happiness in their presence.

While Russell Brand may be known for his controversial opinions and outspoken nature, his wife Laura is a significant presence in his life. As an entrepreneur, mother, and partner, Laura brings depth and joy to their relationship. Together, they navigate the complexities of marriage and parenthood, finding happiness and fulfillment in each other’s company. Laura is the woman behind the comedian, supporting him through ups and downs, and playing an essential role in his journey.


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