Reba McEntire’s Divorce Settlement and Financial Awakening

Country singer Reba McEntire’s divorce from her second husband, Narvel Blackstock, was amicable, but the settlement was a significant financial blow. After 16 years of marriage and one son, Shelby, together, the couple decided to part ways. According to celebrityworth, Reba is worth $95 million and had to pay half of her fortune to Narvel, who was also her manager. Narvel walked away with $47.5 million, which was a big wake-up call for Reba. She had to take charge of her finances and career as four men who were rock and pillars of her world were gone.

The Financial Awakening:

Reba revealed during an appearance on the Apple Fitness+ Time to Walk that things started going south with her marriage. After the divorce, she had to take over signing the checks and realized how much water and electricity bills cost along with all the things that were going on in her life. Reba made the money, and she had brought it home. It was a huge change for her to manage her finances and career by herself.

Personal Life:

Reba and Narvel released a joint statement after their divorce, stating that despite the end of their marriage, they would continue to support each other. They had worked together for 35 years and would continue to do so. Reba confessed that the divorce was not her idea and was hard to make the adjustment. However, she continued to support her son, Shelby, who turned 33 on February 23. Reba took to Instagram to wish him a happy birthday and shared several images of Shelby as a child and today, saying that he was the best accomplishment she had ever done in her life. The Big Sky star is also proud of how Shelby has progressed, despite having ADHD and struggling to read in school. Shelby has read ten books this year and is always trying to improve and do better.

Despite the difficulties of her divorce, Reba found love again and is currently in a relationship with actor Rex Linn.

Reba McEntire’s divorce settlement and financial awakening was a significant turning point in her life. It forced her to take charge of her finances and career, which was a big change for her. Despite the end of her marriage, she continued to support her son and progress in her career. Reba’s story is a reminder of the importance of being financially independent and taking control of our lives.


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