Halle Berry Slams Drake for Using Her Image as Single Cover Art

Halle Berry recently expressed her disappointment and frustration towards rapper Drake for using an image of her getting slimed at the 2012 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards as the cover art for his new single. Berry took to Instagram to share her thoughts, stating that she did not give Drake permission to use her image and expected better from him.

Berry made it clear that she was not pleased with Drake’s decision to use her image without her permission. In her Instagram post, she stated, “[Drake] didn’t get my permission. That’s not cool. I thought better of him!” Berry’s reaction indicates that she felt disrespected and let down by the rapper whom she previously admired.

To further emphasize her displeasure, Berry shared a meme on Instagram that read, “Sometimes you have to be the bigger guy… Even if you’re a woman!” This post was intended as a direct response to Drake’s use of her face for his single cover art. Her comment suggests that she believes Drake’s actions were not only disrespectful but also revealed a lack of maturity on his part.

Upon Berry’s public criticism of Drake, her fans rallied behind her, expressing their support in the comments section. Many fans shared their disappointment with Drake’s decision to use her image, describing it as “not cool.” Some even referred to Berry as an “international treasure” and condemned Drake’s actions.

Contrasting Opinions

While many fans stood firmly with Berry, there were others who believed that her reaction was an overreaction. These fans pointed out that in the past, Berry herself had expressed admiration for Drake’s use of her image. To support their argument, they referenced an instance in 2019 when Drake wore a leather jacket featuring an airbrushed depiction of Berry’s character from the film “Die Another Day.” Berry had reciprocated the love on her Instagram, indicating her approval of Drake’s tribute.

As of now, Drake has not responded to Berry’s criticism publicly. It is uncertain whether he will address the issue or offer an explanation for his actions. However, it is worth noting that his upcoming album, “For All the Dogs,” features a drawing created by his 5-year-old son as the cover art, indicating a departure from using celebrity images.

Halle Berry’s reaction to Drake’s use of her image as the cover art for his single reflects her disappointment and frustration. She felt that her permission was not sought before using her likeness, which led her to express her disappointment publicly. While some fans supported her reaction, there were others who believed she overreacted, pointing to her previous endorsement of Drake’s tribute. It is now up to Drake to address the situation and clarify his intentions. Regardless of the outcome, this incident highlights the importance of seeking permission and respecting the boundaries of others in creative endeavors.


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